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Marine diesel engine repair course volume 1N2 oncd

Marine diesel engine repair course volume 1N2 oncd
Marine Engine Repair Course Volume 1 & 2
Engineman 1 - - 320 pages total
Engineman 2 - - 230 pages total
Marine Engine Repair Course Volume 1 & 2 on CD
COURSE OVERVIEW: In completing this nonresident training course, you will demonstrate a knowledge of the subject matter by correctly answering questions on the following subjects: Administration and Training; Measuring and Repair Instruments; Internal Combustion Engines; Speed Control Devices; Refrigeration and Air Conditioning; Compressed Air Systems; Laundry, Mess Decks, Galley, and Scullery Equipment; Auxiliary Equipment; and Lathe and Machining Operations.
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Marine Engine Repair Course Volume 1 & 2
CHAPTER 2. Administration, Supervision, and Training. 2-1
As an Engineman, you will have administrative and supervisory responsibilities in connection with engineroom and auxiliary operations and with equipment maintenance and repair.
CHAPTER 3. Engine Maintenance . 3-1
Keeping an internal combustion engine (diesel or gasoline) in good operating condition demands a well-planned procedure of periodic inspection,
CHAPTER 4. Reduction Gears and Related Equipment . 4-1
CHAPTER 5. Engine Performance and Efficiency. 5-1
This chapter provides some of the information necessary for a better understanding of the many factors that affect engine performance and efficiency.
Once the combustion process is understood, it will be much easier for you to appreciate the part played by such factors as engine design, engine operating conditions, fuel characteristics, fuel injection, ignition, pressures and temperatures, and compression ratios.
CHAPTER 6. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning . 6-1
CHAPTER 7. Auxiliary Machinery . 7-1
This chapter provides information on the care and maintenance of compressed air systems and equipment, auxiliary boilers, hydraulic systems, distilling plants and pressure valves.
CHAPTER 8. Environmental Pollution . 8-1
This chapter provides information on environmental pollution prevention.
CHAPTER 9. Engineering Casualty Control . 9-1
INDEX . I-1 Nonresident Career Course follows Index
CHAPTER 1. Administration and Training . 1-1
CHAPTER 2. Measuring and Repair Instruments . 2-1
The following measuring and repair instruments are discussed in this chapter: dial indicator, dial/vernier caliper, micrometer, snap gauge, bore gauge, strain gauge, borescope, stroboscope, torque wrench, multiplier, adapter, ridge reamer, cylinder hone, and dynamometer.
CHAPTER 3. Internal Combustion Engines . 3-1
This chapter will cover the general procedures used to repair and overhaul gasoline engines; the procedures used to inspect, test, and repair jacking gear; and the procedures used to troubleshoot and repair fuel and oil purifiers.
CHAPTER 4. Speed Controlling Devices . 4-1
This chapter contains general information about maintenance and repair of speed controlling devices known as governors.
CHAPTER 5. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning . 5-1
This chapter provides some general information on the construction and maintenance of refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment and the detection and correction of operating difficulties.
CHAPTER 6. Compressed Air Systems . 6-1
This chapter contains general information about maintenance and repair of compressed air systems. Aboard Navy vessels, the A division or repair
CHAPTER 7. Laundry, Mess Decks, Galley, and Scullery Equipment . 7-1
This chapter presents some information on ways to maintain, repair, and troubleshoot the common types of equipment in the laundry, mess deck, galley, and scullery.
CHAPTER 8. Other Auxiliary Equipment . 8-1
This chapter provides general information on the maintenance and repair of a variety of auxiliary machinery that you will be called upon to repair, replace, or adjust. Auxiliary machinery includes controllable pitch propellers, low-pressure steam drain systems, high-pressure steam drain systems, distilling plants, hydraulic systems, external hydraulics, hydraulic cargo hatch covers, boat davits, bow ramp and door machinery, elevators, conveyors, cranes, dumbwaiters, and escalators.
CHAPTER 9. Lathe and Machining Operations . 9-1
This chapter will help you to identify the engine lathe’s attachments, accessories, and their uses. Also, it will identify and explain different machining operations and the factors related to machining operations.
I. References . AI-1 II. Units of Measurement Charts . AII-1 INDEX . INDEX-1
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